Saturday, April 02, 2005

PSP Image viewing .. Possible Bug

Viewing comics on the PSP, each page is the correct width and the length about 2x the screen size. When viewing I have to scroll up from the middle where the image viewing autocenters, and then down, then go to next page when done. All this is fine and good, but as you move around the page, it goes from blurry to clear (only decompressing the area you are viewing, annoying, but liveable).

Now for the possible bug. After viewing 20 plus pages in a row, it stops becoming clear, if you back all the way out, and go back into the image you might get another page or two. Only way I can seem to correct is go completely out of images, go to another section and then finally go back into images. Know this will be a problem for others, especially people viewing oversize camera images. At a guess would say it is a problem with the buffer not unloading for some reason. With the amount of memory on the PSP it should be able to one, buffer more of the image, and two, the buffer needs to be cleared automatically.

This could be a major issue for viewing pictures in sequence. I really hope it is something that could be fit with a firmware update, or possibly one of the main reasons I purchased the device will be invalidated.

Here's to hoping a firmware update fixes it.


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