Sunday, April 03, 2005

PSP Improvement Suggestions

- UMD user burnable device (single change would make it the most popular program in world) a possible simple alternative to that might be allowing the unit to read regular DVD's (of course someone would have to resize it and it would not have the capacity I think of a UMD but would provide a decent removable storage option)
- Ebook reader
- multiple memory stick reader capability at least SD
- picture viewer that does not fuzz out after 20+ pictures
- web browser standard
- wifi file managment (true wireless)
- lower glare screen (better outdoor viewability)
- screw on flip cover that does not have giant screws, and that when screwed in tight, do not prevent the UMD from opening.
- Intelligent USB hosting, child device support (would have provided an easy interface for headphones and microphone among other options, video out adapter, and ability to use USB thumb Drive)
- more robust firmware operating system (intelligent buffering)
- mic in
- open API (allow tons of programs to be made for it)
- mp3 background playing option (while viewing photos), visualizations, blank screen while playing (may already have this feature and I have not found it yet)
- ability to skin the interface
- DivX, XviD, Quicktime, and WMV support
- much better naming file system
- Lit buttons (would love backlit, but simple glow in dark inlays would help)
- support for more advanced calendar features, possibly address book
- Headphone and power jacks moved to top, as they tend to be a bit in the way, when playing games
- swappable faceplates (custom designs, and replace when scratched)
- PDF Viewer
- kill the text entry system and replace with a traditional game style, or make it optional
- Should have shipped with a robust software suite on the PC side to make moving content back and force much easier.


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