Monday, April 04, 2005

RFID for consumers

RFID tag, a radio frequency ID tag, a small device that will be used by retailers from everything from inventory control to theft prevention. But the uses are much more open than that.

I would like to see a RFID used for personal loss prevention.

How? Simple set up a proximity locator for anything of value (car keys, wallet, luggage, PocketPC, PSP). When that RFID item gets to far from the Locator (warn clipped to belt, in a pocket) say range of 10 to 20 feet, it gives an alarm (vibrate, audible), farther than that and it kicks it up a notch or two.

The RFID system is intelligent enough that it could be programmed with distance before activation, what type of item etc.

Imagine never leaving your keys behind, not leaving your wallet at a retail counter, or in my case not leaving my portable brain extender (PocketPC) behind.

This could be used for theft prevention, medication alerts, and many more things beyond the anticapted use of retail. While I am not advocating going as far as the man who had one implanted, what about incorporating device activation into it, attach a biometric sensor, voice activation for security and you have a portable ID pass, authorized computer log on, area recognition (when you go to a location, the location adjusts parameters customized for you.

I am sure many more uses, ideas will be forth coming but really would like the see the NeverLose RFID. Would be nice if they could do a proximity search and point to the device, would be wonderful for that lost handset or remote.


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