Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Comics on Sony PSP Pt. 2

Still attempting to make the PSP my primary viewing device for comics I have scanned. Couple of glitchs in using PSPhoto, though while still a decent program has some room to grow.

First thing is that while the documentation says it can deal with .rar files, I have yet to get it to do so.

Also I need to further work on editing pictures. The problem I am running into, is in large two page spreads, the picture is reduced too much to be able to read, so I will have to go back and manually cut the picture in half again, a nice upgrade feature for PSPhoto would be to have it bring up an oversize picture, and let the user pick the point to bisect the picture.

Still running into the fuzzy pictures after about 20 pics in a row, really hope they get this fixed in a firmware update and soon. Making the reading of comics and scanned magazines a trial when it should be a pleasure. Keeping having to out of the picture view, my guess is to force the cache to dump, and then back in hopefully remembering the right page and then going forward with the enjoyment of the document.


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