Sunday, November 12, 2006

UMPC v2.0 Suggestions

I am fascinated by the promise and want to purchase a UMPC, though due to finances will not be able to get one until the second generation some time in the new year. What do I, personally want from the next generation?

Better video performance, in a perfect world that would be some kind of removable, upgradeable card, but I would be happy with a decent chipset and dedicated video memory. Higher native video resolution, 1024x600 as the standard, native resolution minimum. Outdoor viewablity.

Instant on. This is the big one, and the hardest. While it may be possible via hybrid flash drive for instant hibernation and resume, it needs to be done in a way that doesn’t kill reasonable price points.

Dedicated music player audio that has intelligent volume control, example is if the device is put on high volume for the built in speakers, not being at a level to blow out your ear drums out when you hook up headphones.

Intelligent screen rotation, with hardware buttons that coordinate with that rotation.

Palm rejection technology to enhance ink recognition.

Built in camera.

Finger print security.

My big suggestion, my key suggestion, is the incorporation of reasonably priced, removable media. I would like to see mini-DVD which is a common format for Digital Video, which is do able in a portable format as proven by the PSP. I would hope it would be possible to add a burner capability but if not, read only of a universally standard disc format would be wonderful. 1.4 GB, single layer/double layer DVD disk could hold tons of MP3’s, movies etc. and would be great for games as well and help alleviate some of the pressure for larger hard drives which is a major part of the unit price.



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