Monday, January 09, 2006

OLED Keyboard - augumented reality

OLED keyboard where every key is a display, changeable to whatever programs you are using needs. You are using Internet Explorer and if programmed keys would change to reflect it options. I am sure many templates will be released for all the common programs and many games. I am also sure that someone will make it into a animated billboard like effect.

Neat idea and ties into augmented reality in that it changes based on what is needed. Think this will lead to a trend. The original product should be available Feb. 1 2006, and I am curious to the final price. Also curious to what uses people will put.

The only thought process I am curious about here is how truly useful. I rarely look at my keyboard, and the keys I tend not to remember are the key combo ones, alt-something and ctrl-something, though once I memorize them they can greatly increase my user experience.

For example the ctrl-enter combo when I type in a website like Google into the address bar, hit ctrl-enter and it adds the http://www. and the .com to the base website name, has truly made surfing the net much easier for me. Add that to the copy (ctrl-C), cut (ctrl-X), paste (ctrl-V) and select all (ctrl-A), you can greatly speed up you computer use.


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