Sunday, August 07, 2005

PSP Game Idea P. 2

Virtual Assistant more than a virtual pet I think. I like the idea of being able to chose a pet (lets change that name to familiar), familiar, that you could chose from tons of different ones. I am going to stick with my original Griffin idea, but it could even be a two inch tall pixie, or a dragon, or a intelligent cloud, or a speaking limits. Now lets link this to the PDA, digital assistant idea more than the pet. Predictive AI based on preferences, searches on Google and the like, so it would be setup to do fuzzy logic searches based on my preferences, syncing this data to the PSP familiar when linked.

The PDA programs themselves would have to run from the UMD, but data files, the familiar's look and AI scripts could all be stored on the Memory stick. As the PSP has date and time, it should be fairly simple to create a calendaring system, (with a keypad), a notes organizer, to do list, picture viewer, file manager. I know I am just scratching the surface.

The personality and scripting of the AI could be part preprogrammed and part fuzzy logic, simple controls would allow the user to alter it based on preferences. Lets say you chose a sarcastic personality for you familiar, and when it pops up a reminder (I don't know if the PSP has supports for this feature, but hopefully it does, available either from an existing system feature or from a ROM update in the future if it does not). So it blares out in text to speech mode - YOU HAVE A APPOINTMENT, JACKASS. The end user can change this to tone alarm and speech balloon, and set the Jackass comment to second reminder maybe.

Just some random thoughts. I have always liked the idea of a digital assistant on the pc, not the crappy ones that Microsoft came up with, that ended up being more annoying than useful. But something truly useful, adaptive and with a social interface you could alter and change to meet your preferences, that would use advanced AI to learn from you, about you, and then use this information to help you.

Lets say that you enter alot of bio data into the AI database. Your Mothers B-day is coming up, and you have told the AI that you normally forget it. The AI would then generate reminder events based on this info. On the PC side could even remind you and then bring up websites you may have used for gifts before as a hint.


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