Sunday, August 07, 2005

Idea for Future Entertainment

I am currently seeing several trends that I believe will converge and coalesce in the Entertainment Industry in the near future.

Near photographic 3d modeling, 3d interactive software (such as Half-life 2, etc.), and demand for custom, individual entertainment.

Result of these is what I believe will be the next generation of Entertainment. First I see fairly inexpensive, downloadable software. This software would come with detailed, photo quality actors, with basic paper doll features to customize, standard scripts (with great detailed AI, for multiple ways of doing things). This will be the vanilla package. Standard combinations, standard generic type virtual people to populate it and a list of standard scenarios.

The end user selects a act that they like, then the select models, and customize to their preferences, blonde, brunette, large lips, full hips...etc. They then run one of the included AI scripts, which are simple pre-scripted actions, with easy editing features.

The user can also easily control the camera position, they can look out of either actors eye, have birds eye, etc. What ever their personal preference is they can chose it. The program runs, using sophisticated AI to have the virtual actors interact, almost every motion or action has hundreds of variations and they are controlled by fuzzy logic and branching, thus no two versions of the scene need ever be the same. The way everything is advancing this will be created and run in real time, just as 3d games are right now.

Now the next stage of this is where the true billions will be earned. Hundreds of thousands of AI script modules will be available for a price covering thousands of postures, and actions. You are into fishnet stockings, that is simply a module to purchase and download, to customize your personal experience.

Next say you are tired of the limited actor choices of the basic package. There again you can go online and select from hundreds of thousands of virtual actors, some created by artists, others by people who have had detailed 3d scans converted to models and licensed their likeness to the industry. Even a subscription service where you get a new actor every so often based on preset preferences or random.

Even environmental packages will be available as the boundaries are stretched. Zero G activities, giants bodies in space, physical real world locations, underwater, in lava...imagination is the only limitation.

Scenario packages, essentially story’s that create a "movie" using your actors and preferences will also be sold. Look at the industry and you will find thousands of reasons for encounters, which seems almost as important as the encounter itself.

Why do I think this will work and why would people will be interested. Customizability based on what the user wants, advances in technology and programming giving real time 3d graphics. Endless variety. Look at the movie industry now, tons of different sites catering to every taste and desire. This concept only takes it to another logical level.


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