Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ready to take UMPC plunge

Have been doing a lot of research and surfing lately planning for my purchase late in January. Though I don't really know what devices are likely to surface in the near future, the early winner for me so far is the Asus R2H, which is a recent switch for me as I was leaning towards the Samsung Q1p.

But as early generation devices I feel that there is more bang for the buck that make the R2H a clear winner. Built in GPS, camera, double a manufacturer warranty, clear Vista upgrade path and significantly lower price make it more functional out of the box, the difference in cpu speed and memory size while tough is out weighed by the other options.

Of course if they release a machine with similar features and more memory and speed I would be willing to change my mind. Yet the point now, is to get on board and start incorporating this technology into my everyday life.

Processing power of the Samsung and the built in AVS (pre-boot media software) are extremely nice, but I like the fact that the ASUS machine has a standard AV output jack as one of the features in my mind out weights those features. I am looking forward to is putting movies and music on it and using a nearby TV or stereo to output through. With the GPS it can easily transition to a Carputer without significant alteration or having to add more money to the system.

People keep talking about the price of these machines in comparison to TabletPC's and the like, but to me it is replacing several different devices - dedicated E-book reader, multimedia device (PMP), mp3 player, carputer, GPS device. Sold separately I could easily be paying nearly 2k+ and on top of the above I still have a fully functional PC.
The only thing that I really want to see in an upcoming version...removable media. I would love to see a mini-DVD drive standard, heck they have one in PSP's. Interoperability with a standard DVD drive, would allow me to carry around tons of movies, pictures and mp3's on easily portable disks.
One can only hope.


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