Saturday, July 23, 2005

PSP Game Idea

This is not a new idea, but if updated and used on the PSP I think they would have a potential hit. An updated version of the Tomagachi or digital pet. These were to a certain extent forerunners to games like the Sims. Updated and adjusted for the average age of the typical PSP users (I would say mid to late teens and above). Lots of customizable options. Could also incorporate into security system/screen saver.

Others ideas is a plethora of potential pets, forget all the cutesy ones what about a pet Griffin, or a shambling zombie mumbling

Do like the idea of evolving and growing the pet, not really a fan of having it die from inattention, would make more sense if it would just get cranky when you don't pay attention.

With the power of the PSP could even evolve to something of a digital assistant. I don't see why they could not become a part of a reminder system, alarms, even use AI techniques to enhance their usefulness.
Again just a thought.


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