Thursday, April 14, 2005

New Mini Tablet PC

Read an article this morning about, a small form factor Talet PC, possibly measuring 6x8 which is about the dimensions of a piece of paper folded in half. Really a focus on this size would be ebook reading.

This would in my opinion, be the ultimate form factor, while I have been intrigued by ultra-portables, most are too small like the OQO and Sony U70? and give up too many features.

I would imagine that this size tablet pc would be big enough to have decent power, screen, hard drive, and a wealth of connections, for text input attach a cheap keyboard and mouse. Detach and you can have your PC with you nearly anywhere.

Buy some cheap keyboards and mouse, mice, and have one at work, one at home and say a portable on in the car. Use it like a tablet and when you need it, plug in a keyboard and mouse.


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