Saturday, July 23, 2005

PSP and Web Browsing

Hearing the recent news that the next update is containing a web browser I began to think of all the potential. At a minimum, if it will allow you to view HTML files that opens up the possibility of using it to view e-books in that format, if it will let you load local files.

Their are several wiki and pda like functionality web pages that can be run locally, again something I think would be great, if not their are many websites that offer pda like functionality via the web. Still would like the ability to save on the PSP those sites for review. Save for example my calendar page daily and then review it.

I can see a need for the ability to auto sync information daily to the PSP, at home before you get out in case you cannot get wifi access at work or while traveling. It might also be possible from the demo shown to use the web to transfer information wirelessly between your home system. Though I think this is a major kludge, I really hope a simple utility comes out allowing you to browse your network for files and move them back and forth.

PSP needs to evolve into a lifestyle device, where they become essential. In many ways that is what the IPod has done, become incorporated and essential to many peoples lifestyle. With the wide ranging abilities of the PSP it can do so much more.

If I was a developer I would be working on creating a UMD with extensive PDA features (all data saved on the memory stick), a simple content browser for moving content back and forth using the wifi connection, and a basic ebook reader.

If funds were substantial, I would be creating a .PDF viewer, which I have stated before is the killer app for a portable. With the widescreen, snappy processor I think the PSP could create a PDF viewing system as easy and convenient as the PC with out the bulk.


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