Friday, April 08, 2005

Sony PSP as Audio Book

Trying to broaden my uses of my PSP (have to justify the expense some how) is by using it as an audio book player. In .mp3 format, which thank goodness, it plays, you can have a your favorite audio book on your Sony PSP become a book reader.

Some tips, is to turn off the screen once playing (check the manual if this does not make sense, but there is on the front of the PSP a button that controls the screen brightness, hold it down and the screen will turn off, extending the battery life, also make sure the wifi button is turned off as well), and getting back to your place is an inexact science so be careful about quitting in the middle. Future recommendations for improvement is a book mark feature (play list would be nice also.) Have not tried anything major yet, have used if for some old radio shows I had in .mp3 format, but should be no big deal. - possible PSP content provider...take notice!!

Another suggestion for a media only version of the UMD disk. I am not an engineer but I would think that a burnable UMD format usable only for user content and media should be possible...make it user burnable in a standard DVD burner (I would assume it would have to have a firmware upgrade on the PSP to deal with a different media format, and custom software to burn it as well) make if a different capacity, whatever...this is the only stumbling for Sony penetrating the entertainment market completely.

If they don't do this, someone will follow their lead and produce something similar that can use, user created content on burnable media. This is what is keeping the PSP which is a killer device, from being the ultimate success. No hard drive makes it nearly to realistically compete with the Ipod, but with a high capacity burnable removable media it puts it much closer, add all the media feature and it will truly own the portable entertainment market.

As it is some of the portable media viewers (Archos for example) produce machines with similar capacities, but are using hard drives but have the advantage of running Linux...the right vision, removable media, price drop, and killer customization of the Linux interface with powerful media content viewers, video, music, ebook, PDF etc, etc. and intelligent USB hosting and you have the dream machine many people want, ad in games and oh my....


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