Monday, December 19, 2005

DVD library external

Have a need for accessing lots of DVD's that have data on them from. PDF’s to palm docs, pictures etc. Just lots of things that I don't want on my hard drive but need access too.

I have seen a carousel that hooks up via USB with a catalog front end, but you then have to pop out the DVD and use it. Not a necessarily horrible solution. But would really like a complete integrated solution.

Ultimate DVD Disk Changer. USB carousel, that uses an integrated drive to catalog and read/burn disks as needed. I know Sony has a DVD movie version that handles 200 disks, but is a read only DVD movie version, need pretty much the same thing but designed for regular PC and designed to read and burn DVD's of any PC readable type. This would give equivalent to nearly a TB of storage, and with a nice database program could catalog and retrieve all your files quickly and easily. Plus with hubs and USB you should be able to daisy change several devices together.